Making money from voice

Though Google Duplex freaked a lot of people out, it also propelled voice into the mind of businesses because unlike with other platforms…

Making money from voice

Though Google Duplex freaked a lot of people out, it also propelled voice into the mind of businesses because unlike with other platforms in the market so far, Google just showed how you can make money from voice.

Brands are trying to determine their voice strategy and how they can get into the game of this new platform.

Voice Ads

Google will no doubt have the option to “promote” your business through voice, when a person asks to make an appointment at a service and either doesn’t specify a brand name, or an appointment isn’t available you will get a prompted option.

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Your business can take that lead (Cost per Engagement), and unlike common banner and text-based ads, voice experiences will convert at such a higher percentage mean the CPE will be higher due to the likely immediacy of wanting to action the request from a person.

Voice Branding

If you monitor all the websites and mobile apps that you visit daily you will see they all have different layouts, styles, fonts and images etc. and voice will be no different. Voice personalities with tone, language and even the voice itself will represent the brand.

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Amazon recently announced a developer preview of eight new voices that can be used on the Alexa platform; this is clearly showing the need for an array of different voices within voice experiences.

Our own digital voice

You request your voice assistant to book an appointment. If the voice assistant is using voice to communicate with the business you want to book with and there is no appointment available, what happens?

Or if your assistant is calling on your behalf to track an order and it has been lost or damaged will/can/should your voice assistant get angry, sad, persuasive?

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Would you make your voice assistant sound like you? Where we still see significant discrimination in the world could voice assistants enable a more level playing field. If the voice assistants voice was a synthesised version of your voice would you have it behave differently?

Assistant to Assistant

When our voice assistants start talking to each other, what happens? Do we get into a shouting match just like irate humans can do and before we know we are in a war games type loop of noughts and crosses (apologies if you haven’t seen war games).

Would you like your voice assistant to sound like you?

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