A Voice For Any Room

Turn any room into an experience of natural convenience.


Fully Managed

  • Your smart speaker is setup and shipped to you ready for use by your guests.
  • Any issues with your device, send it back to us and we will ship you a new one the next day.
  • Phone/video chat support available if any assistance is needed.

Guest Experience Apps

  • Delight guests with in-room services from music, reporting an issue, request room service, late checkout request and control of room technology.
  • Extend your facilities visiblity to guests with our audio tour experiences for SPA, fitness, walks and sports that guests experience from their room with easy booking options.
  • 24/7 virtual concierge answering questions about the property, where to eat, where to visit, managing the process for you.

Any Platform

We work with the leading providers of voice assistant technology to ensure the most suitable option is deployed for your needs.

Amazon Alexa

Benefit from hundreds of intergrations and great brand awareness of "Alexa"

Google Home

Gain the power of Google's search and knowledge to ask the most broad set of questions.


Customise all aspects of the hardware and software to both your security and brand requirements.


Data Insights

  • Understand what guests are requesting and for when.
  • Learn and adapt to offer more revenue generating services guests want.
  • Identify operational bottlenecks from single standalone issues to complete process reviews.

Imagine walking into a room and saying "Room", the room now understands you speak English and can guide you through how to use all the in-room and location amenaties. So when it is 3am and you can't sleep you can (still lying in your bed) say aloud "Room, late check out please".

Got questions about how you can add voice?

We can assist those from a single Airbnb room to hotel chains with thousands of rooms available.