Voice Is Changing Hospitality

90% of people have now used a Voice Assistant to perform a task

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Voice Is Changing Hospitality

We believe by 2025 that 50% of accommodation will use voice for in-room controls and 80% of people will expect voice to be present.

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Voice enables your team to action tasks such as maintenance, check the status of rooms and gain insight into operations.

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Enable your customers to control their room and ask questions any time of day, in their native language.

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Gain information about your business and ask questions naturally. Who is off ill today? How many covers did the restaurant do last night?

Voice is the most natural way to communicate with technology, providing a convenient way to perform tasks that bring delight.


The highest ROI in the room

Voice via a smart speaker enables you to create an immersive experience for those interacting.

What can voice do for me?

Got questions about how you can add voice?

We can assist those from a single Airbnb room to hotel chains with thousands of rooms available.